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^This. If you want to come up with a sump & all.

Are LS undesirable model 3/4-ton 4L80E cosmetically challenged, but mechanically cared for trucks/vans & holley oil pans made of gold where you live?

Or S80s/960s for that matter?

Just wanna be different? (don't blame you/no shade/shame).
Given where all the accessories are, presumably you'd either have to custom figure out a crank pulley?
&/or basically eliminate brake booster/anything & everything near/around the firewall/entire front mcpherson-strut RWD engine bay/tube frame car Buchka fake racecar style? (props?)
How PSI a stock can support?
Always Be Crushing!

Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
If you send me $20$14.99, I'll send you a how-to explaining how to make $20$14.99 from people on the internet.

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