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Default 240 Stock Diff + V8 = Broken Diff, LSD Options?

So TB, my v8 swapped 240 is really coming together, i have finally reduced the interior volume/drone of the exhaust to less-than-mind-numbing levels thanks to $350 in cats, mufflers, and u l t r a q u i e t resonators and a full weekend of sound deadening and carpeting. (Full build log still coming, maybe... tomorrow)

Heres the scary clicking noises coming out of my diff after my most recent saturday "rip". Noticed it while changing brake pads. Perspective: 350k mile 1030 in a 93 240, 350hp 355 chevy, skids around town every day for about one entire month.

Reccomended options for LSD (or locker) action seem to be the power trax 2210-LR at ~$250, and the detroit trutrac 912a588 at ~$580.

Anyone with experience with either of these in a daily driver? Id like to drive her cross country soon. Any performance differences, or reasons to spend twice as much on the trutrac?
355 SBC in a 1993 240
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