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Default 90' 760T 15G mini project

As some of you guys might have read in the Performance Modification Fourms, i overheated my engine tremendouly and ripped my headgasket a new a**hole. Figured i would move my thread over to this section since it was more fitting. At the moment I'm still in the tear down stage. Going to pick up the 15g turbo, browntops, and 4bar FPR from the pick and pull yard this week. Right now the engine is at 215k, the plan is to install all of the following items, move the AFM downstream of the greddy bov, and start a tune. Oh yeah, and now that i know about this "fuel cut switch" for higher boost levels I shall hunt it down and remove it. No idea what my fueling will support but iam hoping to run a steady 15psi, and possibly higher for "track" runs and such. Otherwise i already ordered and recieved most of the following.

Stage 0
+Elring headgasket set
+Waterpump and themostat
+Stabilizer Bar bushing ( one is missing )
+Timing Belt Kit
+Red/Clear/Clear/Red tails ( right tail was missing some lenses and wouldnt pass inspection )
+225/60/15s for the rear since i burnt off most of the rubber on the previous tires running the 13c at 15lbs.

+Reclocked 15g
+Bosch Browntops
+Turbo Caravan FPR
+A/F Gauge
+8mm plug Wires
+Hard Charge Pipes 2.5"
+Ebay 28x9x2.5 intercooler
+Greddy Type RS Mounting tube (2.5")
+Greddy type RS ( already owned )
+Volvo electric fan kit
+255lph fuel pump
+Cat test pipe, magnaflow muffler, straight pipe for the rear muffler ( going to go 3"TB but no funds for such yet )

Hoping to complete the job this week, unless the head is warped, then the project will probably go on several more weeks due to funds. If the head is getting rebuilt its getting done right with oversized valves and the IPD cam and gear.

Wyotech 05'-06'
Major= High Performance engine and custom chassis fabrication
1990 215k 760T
15G build in progress...
2001 1.8t Jetta
APR 93/100 oct. Chip ( 20 psi )
3" dp to stock exhaust

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