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Default My 765 (purchased from Dale)

So here it is, I picked up this 760 from Dale a few weeks back to replace my 945 that got torched. There's a vid here that explains the progress in the first day (saves me from typing it out)

1986 765ti
B23E with B23FT pistons
405 head
42/48 T-3
3" open pipe
K&N cone filter
Stock AW
940 locker rear end with G80 mod done
cut 1.5 coils from front, rear coming soon
850 front bumper - in progress
.60 Ford T3 compressor - in progress
Black leather seats inside a red interior.

On to some pictures!

When I first got back to Edmonton with it, went parking lot drifting, came SUPER close to a curb, stopped the car just in time:

What it looked like when I got it (complete with dirt everywhere, and 4x4 stance)

Can see the Corolla spoiler here kinda

Kinda dirty eh?

If you watched the video, you saw RaZ's ****ty welds on my exhaust. Here's the result:

And what it looks like now: (didn't get any in-progress pics really)
Cut 1.5 coils, painted the grill shell and headlight bezels white, set the 850 bumper on

Kinda lowww


After a can of citrus engine cleaner and a pressure washer:

Sittin' low, needs some plastic mending/mangling/grafting for the bumper to fit right. Gonna go out and work on it now. Probably going to get new corner lamps and turn signals.
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