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Originally Posted by slow240 View Post
This thing is (as usual in a hackster thread) getting rediculously rowdy rediculously quickly.

Keep it up, I come here for my fix daily
This helps keep me motivated to work on it so Thanks man!!

Originally Posted by soclosenotnear View Post
Continued awesome work. You don't disappoint.
Thank you

Originally Posted by nolift911 View Post
Mad props on this and great attention to do you think a Coyote motor would fit in there?? - doing some long range planning for my 240 wagon
I think you would either have to get super creative with the exhaust manifolds, other than that I dont think you would have any issues with it, Brake booster would probably be close to it.

Thanks for the props.

Originally Posted by Texas240 View Post
Are you using the Bosch 2 wire or 4 wire pump?
I am ditching the factory pump setup all together. Supply and return will be capped off and the pump removed. I will retain it for the factory fuel level sender.

I am going to convert it over to a Holley 450 in tank setup with the big hydramat in the tank. I went back and forth on the fuel setup and in the end I wanted something clean and simple. By the time I added in a bigger pump, external regulator, hydramat, and all the fittings to make it work it was more expensive and way more complicated than the Holley setup. The setup I am using is rated for 875 hp and has an internal regulator set for 60 PSI all in the tank.

I will only have 4 fittings in the fuel system total from Tank to Rails, including the 10 micron fuel filter.

Had just a few minutes to work on this last night. Finally decided on and picked up a radiator for the car. I knew it was not going in the stock location with the forward facing water pump outlet so I got to work. I had to move it forward for clearance and hope that it will fit with the hood latch, its at the plating place still so wont know till later this week.

I stole the idea from another bricker for the rad location.

This is temporary as I have a fair bit more work to do around the cap opening and the top of that upper radiator panel.

Probably done for work on this thing for the week though, be on the road most of the week now.

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