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Default Changing o2 Sensor Location

I don't understand all the finest details of the functioning of sensors and the like, so I'm not sure if this is an issue. I am swapping exhausts on my 1990 240 to a 1985 240 exhaust that looks like its possibly had some custom work done. It has the cat deleted and each exhaust only has 1 o2 sensor precat. Neither exhausts had cats to clarify.

The part that concerns me is that the exhaust from the 85 has the o2 sensor right on the manifold, where my current exhaust has the sensor located in front of the cats old location. Will there be any change in the way the sensor reads that could alter the way the vehicle runs? My old exhaust is covered in leaks and rusty and this one is in immaculate shape. I could move the o2 sensor if I absolutely had to, but I'm assuming any difference would be negligible?
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