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The O2 sensors only start working once they're heated up. The early ones used a single wire narrow band O2 sensor very close to the engine. These heated up quickly.

The later ones went to a 3-wire sensor, with the other 2 wires being a battery powered heater. These can be located way away from the engine. Using a 3-wire sensor close to the engine is OK too.

If you ever want to change to a wideband O2 sensor, you should install a bung 18"? [check the WB02 instructions], or further, away from the engine -- the WB02 sensors don't do well with lots of engine heat (they include their own heater). The bung should be positioned so that if water/condensation is in the exahust at startup, that it won't flow into the O2 sensor.
I appreciate the info, the connectors are the same between these two sensors as well so I'm sure everything should be straightforward and turn out well.
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