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The fuel computer gets RPM data from the EZK, correct?
Yes. I think it's just a square wave that increases frequency with RPM. I forget. I have researched it before. Gotta redo my work.

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Maybe Zach will have a chance to stick his oscilloscope on the
load signal between the computers. I bet that would be
interesting. I'm going to guess it's a 5v PWM square wave.
There are THREE wires that connect EZK and LH box.

1: RPM signal FROM EZK box to LH box. The crank sensor signal goes direct to EZK box. It converts it likely to a square wave that gets sent over to LH box.

2. KNOCK signal FROM EZK box to LH box. This one I think is just an increasing voltage. Again, I lost my data. Please help me out.

3. Third wire. LOAD signal from LH box to EZK box.

SEEEE!?: Pins 17, 8, and 4 on the EZK go to 1, 25, and 28 on the LH box. Help me remember what they are and do. I gotta hit IPDdowns? website again. He broke it down, but it was kinda hard to understand and needed more info.

Here it is:

I guess I could slap the old high end scopometer to each of these three wires on my time off and see what they look like with a modern scope. The publications are decades old and assume a tech has just a crappy multimeter. Technology is better now and so I go by waveform analysis instead of some obscure voltage reading on a 30 year old chart!

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