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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
The KL arms and BNE Select strut mounts set to max caster make a 240 handle very very well (1.5deg neg camber and 7deg caster) . They really need delrin bushings front and rear to make them work well under heavy braking.

As far as boxing control arms...
For a DD: no real need unless your running big rubber up front, doing the occasional track day and really using your brakes. I have yet to fold/bend one at track days or drifting.
If your smashing rough roads: definitely box them.
KL Arms: I bent a set at a drift event. They’re now fully boxed, and now it destroys the rear control arm bushings if I hook a wheel on the inside curbing.
On Shane's lifty boi it brought it from positive camber to roughly zero, maybe a little negative. (KL Racing Arms and BNE select mounting plates)

Still needs a non-tape measure alignment to verify
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