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Default Dirt bike Carrier

Hello all. First post on Turbo Bricks.
I have a 91 740gle that I'd like to put a motorcycle carrier rack onto. Just dropped off my oem hitch to get sand blasted today.
I was reading and apparently there's an insert for the rectangular receiver? Anyone have one for sale or know where to order?
Also, does anyone have experience with these carriers? I've read the max tounge weight is 330lbs.
I believe my rm250 is about 230-240 pounds. Probably another 40 or 50 for the carrier itself. Guess I'll just jump my fat arse up and down a few times on it to see how strong it is...
I'm thinking I'll need to add one or two extra arms from the hitch or maybe the bumper receiver, to the carrier itself to reduce the side to side wobble.
I'll post some pictures of the finished project when I'm done!
Getting real sick of pulling the front wheel and putting it in the back to go riding.
P.s. I think I posted this in the wrong section and I don't know how to delete... sorry!

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