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Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
its not a 0-5v device, so that's going to be the first problem you'll run in to
I was planning to use a buffer opamp and a resistor voltage divider to keep it nice between 0-5v but i'm afraid that it may add too much noise to the signal. Since the car is NA, it probably won't ever operate above 5v. (or at least expect usable data in that range) So adding that circuit will only give extra trouble. Once the turbo will be added, i will switch over to a Bosch HFM5 maf that is nicely 0-5v and doesn't need the burn-off procedure. The are used in the Volvo 850 and such so they are easy to get.

That sounds promising, except for the breaking part. What MAF sensor did you use?
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