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The fornt tires were worn out... so i grabbed the 2 good steelie summer wheels from my 940...

I painted some rust spots under the car and the area below the doors. Also applied lineseed oil to the faded black plastics. The oil worked good, only a bit sticky, and the rain drops left ugly spots, bit after a bit of cleaning its much better.

I attacked the rust in the rear too. Sanding paper + steel brush, then Fertan rust converter, then 2 layers of Ferpox, very strong epoxy primer. After that a thick layer of rubber underbody coating. I'll re-coat the whole wheel arches later when i have the pressure washer to clean them, there were quite a lot of un-coated pieces..
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Don't forget about properly seasoning it on HF jackstands for a couple years whilst dreaming about big powah 'goals'.
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