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When you say bandaid, are you meaning temporary vs. Permanent? Because I'm sure this will be enough fuel for my needs and will be permanent. Or do you mean ghetto/hacked? I would say putting a 3.8bar fpr on the stock injectors to make them flow more sounds pretty terrible, but matching fpr to injectors? Sounds about afar away from hacked as it can be. And is Lh2.4 really expecting 3 bar of fuel pressure? Considering it takes into account AMM readings and o2 readings to ADJUST accordingly. I'm sure it'll be fine, as have the thousands? Probably thousands that have ran this fpr before.

And the right 42lb green giants? Because it really seems like switch from stock to those is a lot like what I'm doing with mine. Considering Lh2. 4 takes o2 readings and adjusts fuel trim, raising pressure to increase fuel output is a lot like changing injectors that flow 20% more than stock...

Even though I'm not raising it above stock levels for thsee injectors.
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