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Default after some reading up on fuel pumps vs injevtors vs FPRs, the smart thing to do would be to get bigger injectors. Like said above, less pressure = less strain on the pump and that's pretty much it. You have to have the pump able to produce enough fuel against pressure.

That being said, as my car sits, on the very high side with everything going right is 260hp at 20psi. At that hp the GPH needed to be "optimal" is only 27 GPH, below the stock pumps capabilites. If they are old, well yeah, it's probably not a great idea, but if they are new and strong 32 gph should be more than these power levels. But this would make a great time to upgrade to a walbro255

Also, should've searched before posting...found a 2018 thread with you both in it...posting the same stuff. Thanks for getting me interested in researching this stuff, rather than just sticking a it on there and sending it.
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