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Originally Posted by dbarton View Post
If you want to drag race, the auto will be quicker in most instances.

I have had several AW71s fail prematurely over the years. One was a $3k Art Carr special that failed at 11k miles. One was a 740T (nearly stock) at 100k miles. And one was in my 242T 150 miles from home when it was still stock at 160k miles. Since then I would not own an auto 240. But it helps if you just plain love shifting gears. If you don't, then auto may be for you.
Im talking 1/4 mile sorry I didnt state that. Anyways thanks for reply dave. Im running a M47 right now which I know isnt gonna hold forever when I do my next upgrade on turbo ect. I hate the feeling of an auto but never driven one with a turbo under the hood. So maybe it wont be as bad as I think. Thought about the T5 swap but looks like its costly and still not problem proof. To bad about the Art Carr. Ive read some of your post about it. I used to drag race ford back in the day. We used C4 trannies remember something about good castings and bad valve body casings. But sometimes a perfectly good tranny would go south. Was normally warpage of v.body. Anyways Im assuming your running T5? or Getrag?
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