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Originally Posted by magicianman89 View Post
I use t5 injectors with a stock fpr and it pulls hard with a 15g at 20psi, also chipped using a nimsport chip. Both pumps are stock. Maybe one of your pumps is going out, or your lines have some crap in them
Both pumps have been replaced in the last few years...not saying they aren't going bad but I'd like to hope not.

It's also hard to believe at almost stock levels you can run 20 psi without running out of fuel. The t5 injectors at 3 bar only have 33lbs or 354cc. Do you have a wideband? Mine pulled hard, and if it wasn't for the lean spike in the beggining of the pull I wouldn't mess with it.

Wonder if I should look into different chip options or an ostrich...
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