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the ping is not likely because you're running out of injector. That would be what you're band-aiding. How about some actual data? what's the afr at 18psi, and when it spikes? Any idea what your timing looks like at those load points?

what cam? what rpm range are we talking about here? You're putting a lot of faith in a system that it sounds like you don't understand, but are happy and willing to jack with the same system.... that you don't understand. this is at best an inadvisable course of action.
Well, there's no point in arguing with the's known you do know what you're talking about. So any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Before putting on the new fpr it pinged as soon as boost hit, around 2500 rpm, AFRs go from crusing (14.7ish) to low 12's, after spike AFRs drop to low 11s high 10s. After about 4k rpm it's dead rich, below 10.0. Pressure tested the system and pretty much no leaks.

I was also thinking the knock sends it into knock enrichment, cause the AFRs to plummet. But ya know, I'm probably wrong.

Ipd turbo cam. I'm not sure on timing.. ezk is chipped and running wasted spark. Timing on the cam is straight up.
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