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I'm not arguing (or trying to), I'm trying to point out the fallacy in the thought process that's causing you to want to increase head pressure on the fuel system.

low 12's is not too lean for boost onset. hell mid to low 13's is fine for the first couple psi.
low 11's to high 10's is absolutely not lean
10.0 after 4k is wasting fuel and thinning out your oil.
whether it's hitting knock enrichment or not is irrelevant at this point. What's it do if you roll in to it and let it spool up slowly?

So let's think about this for half a second:
Your current system, regardless of what it's doing when it starts pinging, has enough overhead to get you past the point of diminishing returns and likely to the point or beyond the point of drowning the fun in fuel.
With that in mind, why would you want to add more fuel?
I generally don't tune stuff to run lower than mid 11's on pump 93 until it's 1) above 18-19psi and simultaneously 2) above 400whp. Even then I might not depending on what the setup likes. It's very much dependent on the setup.

looked at the plugs lately? What chips? Are the chips even appropriate for what you're currently doing? Tried a different MAF? You don't have enough data to pinpoint the issue at this juncture, throwing parts at it is not likely to get you anywhere. boost onset knock is a common issue with small turbos on lh 2.4
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