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I guess my thinking on how much fuel it really takes for this turbo at 20psi is a little off. I'll just explain my thoughts on why it was reading so rich...

Knocking during onset because of lack of fuel/not enough at that rpm. Because I have sbabbs "turbo+" chip I am thinking the onset issue should be resolved.

For the next 2k rpm it pulls great, so no problems at that rpm range.

After 4k rpm, I was thinking that knock is happening, not from hearing it, but from the AFRs diving below 10 and the power lessens. And with knock enrichment it pulls timing, right? So I would definitely feel a sudden loss of power.

I'll have to swap back FPRs and let it learn before I can say what it does while slowly rolling into boost.

I haven't pulled the plugs since I put them in about 5k miles ago...

For the maf, this is my 3rd in 2 years and all of them acted the same, but the wire inside the tube broke on the first 2.

Now really though. What do I have to do to run mid 11s throughout the whole pull? I mentioned maybe I should look into an ostrich to better tune lh to my setup.

I *think* I remember reading it's basically essential to "pull" fuel out of lh on the top end. As well as smooth the map going into boost.
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