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Originally Posted by volvoboy67 View Post
Brown would be cool, and a nice consistent theme with interior, wheels, etc. I'm working on a 93 240 in pale green, dark brown interior and wheels. No plans for brown in the engine compartment, though. Loving the build this far, man!
Thanks man. I am still toying with it right now. I told the wife about it and she said ehhhh.......why do you have an infatuation with Brown? Your car sounds like a great color combination.

Made a little progress on the car this weekend but not nearly what I wanted to get done.

Started going through the wire harness and splitting things out of it, getting things labeled and ready to do some tucking. I took all the tape off of the harness and cleaned each wire to remove the goo that was on it. Everything that is going to get cut or needs to be hooked up has been labeled.

This is a little in progress fun on the existing wiring harness, who said that this was a good idea.......

I tried out a new harness supplier on the recommendation of a friend of mine. We had a couple of stumbling blocks on him finishing up the harness and getting it out to me but it finally showed up saturday so I got it out of the box to find this at the bulkhead connections......I called him and he appologized and said that he was not happy with that either. If I wanted to send it back he would redo that connection and send it back out. I told him to send me a few things and Ill take care of it.

Its not horrible and the rest of the harness looks pretty good.

Things are pretty close here, you can see the dual bulkhead connectors in place. ( I have 4 wires to add to the bulkhead so the heat shrink needs to come off)

The new wiper motor in place and the wire tuck done on that harness to make it as clean as possible.

So I had a little time left after this, I messed around a little bit in the interior. These gen IV ECU is a great little piece and much much smaller to fit in places.

ECU on the right, Bussman fuses and relays on the firewall panel. This has damn near everything built into the harness and firewall connector, AEM Wideband, intercooler pump and modified to with with the LSA setup and T56.

Starting to look like something in the engine bay. I can keep on with the wiring but I need some parts. Fuel system parts, radiator and fans, rest of front suspension needs to get here or its just going to be lawn art.


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