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Originally Posted by Texas240 View Post
I meant intercooler pump
Sorry....Bosch 2 wire, came highly recommended by some LSA swap folks.

Originally Posted by churd9 View Post
Where Id you get the firewall wire connectors I like those
Jolt Systems built the harness to my specs, they are not Mil- Spec but are pretty nice connectors.

Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
I could not get the stock master to work with my t56, I'll have to look through my old build thread and see what I ended up using. If I remember it was a 3/4 bore willwood master
I am running a Wilwood 3/4" bore master cylinder.

Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
didn't paint the upper rad support?
Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
well yeah I got the thought behind that, but the upper rad is part and parcel of the engine bay to me? Just caught me by surprise.
Didnt make sense to paint the rad support before doing all the metal work to it.

I am going to do some more work on this upper radiator panel before I get it painted. I am going to weld up the extra holes in it, I cut out the plugs for them last night. I am going to section out part of the upper rad mount to get rid of the extra mounting bosses also. I want it to look like it came this way from the factory.

Might have some time to work on it tomorrow or Saturday.

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