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Default Replaced she wont start...

Replaced the clutch on my 244+t the other went fine, then it really sucked at took a lot of cranks to get it going, but it would start. Then it started taking more cranks to start and it was telling me that the TPS, ECT and MAF were missing or bad...After clearing those codes only the MAF came back and i found out that it was actually broken, so i replaced it with a 012 that i had laying around.

Now I cannot get the car to start. I have replace the engine speed sensor, because the tach wasnt jumping...but the speedo with the new sensor its still not jumping and the speedo still IS JUMPING. Now...this has the electrical speedo, so is that telling me something? Any help here would be awesome....i should also mention that the battery is very dead now...i have to hook up jumper cables to test it(even to pull codes) even after leaving the cables on for 10 minutes, once i take them off i get absolutely nothing. i have a multimeter in the mail, but i hope i can get some tips from you guys. thanks
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