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Originally Posted by Gabe244 View Post
Anyone on here sell the stuff to do that? I'm keen on a doing a nice base circle reduced regrind if its not cost prohibitive.
we have had them available for well over a year, they are designed to work with stock or larger base circles. we are working on shim under buckets for reduced base circle cams.

the hard part with the shim under buckets is getting the lash set correctly. the lash caps can be supplied two ways long and trim to fit or in a kit with them in 0.25mm increments.
with the trim to fit method it is very important that they are ground short very precisely, with say a centerless valve grinder or a grinding attachment on a lathe. i have seen it done by someone with a standard grinder and they were not ground square, which caused the caps to cut into the lifter, lifters bound in there bores and whipped the cam out in several hours of use.
with the kit its much easier to set the lash as you would have every size on hand, but the hard part with that is the deposit on the kit, there are hundreds of lash caps in it and make it quite expensive.

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