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Originally Posted by doucheNozzle View Post
Fastest at what?
If you want to drag race, the auto will be quicker in most instances.

I have had several AW71s fail prematurely over the years. One was a $3k Art Carr special that failed at 11k miles. One was a 740T (nearly stock) at 100k miles. And one was in my 242T 150 miles from home when it was still stock at 160k miles. Since then I would not own an auto 240. But it helps if you just plain love shifting gears. If you don't, then auto may be for you.

'84 242ti, fourth owner, mine since 2003. Always garaged since brand new. Old-school rounds because I like. B21FT, SDS EFI/IGN, TD04HL-15G, T5Z trans with 0.73 OD, hydro clutch, 3.91 diff with unmodified G80.
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