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Originally Posted by blabla View Post
Yup, it sure isnít very hard to come up with some kind of map switching solution. Unfortunately the EZK box isnít exactly spacey inside. Finding room for an extra IC socket wont be easy.

However, the ď512kbit eprom solutionĒ is not something I would recommend to everyone. One should have the tools and knowledge to merge the maps together, and burn them on an eprom. Of course this isnít rocket science or something, but I think this should all be kept as simple as possible.

Luckily, the LH box has a lot more space available, and can easily be upgraded with a daughterboard hosting up to 4 eproms or so.

LPG, E85, Petrol, Diesel..
If you are interested I could make you some test file for that "EZK 512mod"

May take some time since I'm busy right now, chatting in the internet...

br JR
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