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Default destruction of first M46

Some time in the first year I had the car we knocked all the teeth off 3rd gear doing passes down the interstate on-ramp. Pretty sure there were a few things that created a perfect storm for that. First was the 3.31 rear end and the second was the incline of the on-ramp causing a sustained condition at the torque peak. Either way that 2nd transmission that I got with the car came in handy. The 4-puck, solid hub clutch that was in the car when I bought it went back in. I also recall putting in a stock clutch disc and having it slip during normal around-town driving so the transmission was in and out several times trying to get everything right.

More to come, calling it a night:
3.91 rear end swap
TrueTrac into 3.91
blown head gasket at drag strip
Megasquirt 1
Fire on the dyno at SE 5.0
13.75 @ 99 mph 1/4 mile
Kaplhenke coilovers
BW WC T5 transmission from 4 cyl mustang, V8 gear swap
3.73 rear end with limited slip
blown limited slip in 3.73, TrueTrac into 3.73
Home made side-exit 3" exhaust, tucked to body for ground clearance
New block with JVAB forged rods and pistons
Finding set of concrete crusted Galaxy wheels at JY, cleaned and painted
Late model heater box install
Arduino microcontroller+LCD speedometer for electronic pickup in T5
Late model A/C install in 2013 (still runs cold!)

83' 242

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