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Default blown head gasket

In May of 2005, about a month after swapping to the 3.91 rear gears we blew the head gasket. I'm pretty sure it was one particular pass at the drag strip with some pinging after increasing the boost to 16-17 psi. Symptoms weren't super spectacular just sluggishness (that was the last run for the night) and evidence of water in the oil filler cap once we got it home.

Summer vacation was drawing near and after consulting with Kenny, I started moving toward a Megasquirt-I (msns-extra) project to fix the undiagnosed intermittent miss around town but more important I was getting the tbricks twitch for more boost, overkill, etc. The blown head gasket was just one more nail in the unknowns of the fuel system in the car and not knowing how to diagnose issues, the laptop UI for MS looked fun too.

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