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In addition to alternators, I've started shopping for radiators, intercoolers, fans, and planning how that's going to go together. I've done measuring and what will fit right now is about 22 x 15. Ideal would be 22 x 17, and what I've found so far is 22 x 19. Eastwood has aluminum radiators that look like exactly what I'd want. I'll also have to do some shopping for very low profile fans, although I think I have some room to stick the fan motor out in to the belt plane, the alternator belt will be very low. It just means I'll have to pull the fan out if I want to do ANY work on the front of the engine.

Then I noticed that a stock Volvo intercooler is 22 wide by about 22 high. But it's 19" to the top of the fins. So I laid that in there as a mock radiator:

I'd need to drop it about 4 inches, and it will have to go in front of or behind my sway bar, unless I also drop the sway bar mounting, which I could do. So at this point I know unless I get a really tiny radiator, I'm going to be cutting in to the front of the car where the frame rails are joined together. If we go back to really early pictures:

That beam across the front limits how low I can go with a radiator. So I think I'll cut it out, then fab a new beam (probably just some square tubing) that attaches below the frame rails and forward of the sway bar mounting. Although I could also just drop the bar and shorten the end links and nobody would be the wiser. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. But overall that space behind the bumper is totally un-used air right now, and it would be wise of me to fill it with radiator and intercooler. Then all I have to do is cut and re-shape the lower grille sheetmetal with the V shaped creases in it to match.

Which brings me to 5/22 which was my birthday. I took the day off work to go pillage the yard at my buddy's Volvo shop. One of their guys is really into vintage volvos and has tons of parts in deep storage all over the building. I got super lucky and found this:

A late '67-up wiper mechanism. It uses cables and cams instead of the pre-67 swaged joints and gears, and is essentially zero backlash. My wiper mechanism is absolutely worn out and has ridiculous slop in it. Like you can freely move the wiper arms 30 degrees or more. So this was a great find and he sold it to me at a great price. The crazy part was that I just learned these exist a few days prior, by reading HUB's build thread here. Thanks HUB!

Then I raided a 960. I got the engine wiring harness so I could dig out the coil pack wiring:

And grabbed the coilpacks:

Then I talked to Beust tuning who's going to do the coil on plug conversion, and I forgot to get the coil drivers, which I didn't know were separate on this generation. So these parts are basically useless, I'll need to use newer coilpacks which have the drivers built in. They're better anyway. And Beust provides the wiring harness too.

Then I got these coolant tubes, I've already started sawing them up to make them fit in my car. They're good for measuring and patterns anyway.

I got these motor mounts, but they're awfully big so I don't think I'll use them. I'll just do a simple superthane round bushing on each side, it'll be easier. That means I'll also be welding mount ears to my crossmember. So much for not hacking it up.

Picked up a used clutch/pp and flywheel, the flywheel is the right one for the car so I'll use it, and the clutch/pp is just for measuring. I'll buy those new.

Also bought the 960 radiator fan, it's over 4 inches thick though so I think I'll go aftermarket. Another useless part.

Grabbed the coolant reservoir, so I can figure out how to mount it and route hoses. I'll buy a new one when the time comes so it looks all spiffy.

Grabbed the throttle cable, the rad hoses, and the oil filter mount with oil cooler. The hoses and cable are just for test fitting, but I test fit this oil filter and it clears my steering mechanism so I now have an oil cooler.

I spent tonight cleaning my garage, I put a throwaway file cabinet in there so now I can store paint and chemicals in it, instead of on my bench. This table is now technically clean, these parts sitting on it are current project parts that I'm currently working on. Minus the boxes and rags of course.

Literally everything you see on this bench are screws and bolts and other fasteners/hardware. I bought wall mount drawer storage so I can organize them. I think my drawers are too small.

Hung up my old license plates (from my first 122) and the grille from my wrecked C70. it was funny that it just popped off the car, it's scratched and the mounts are broken but it makes for some nice decoration.

So that's it for tonight, I'm surprisingly tired even though all I did was clean and organize. I threw a full can of garbage away so that's good.
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