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I had a 98 Xc I bought from a customer when the fuel pump went on him and he just said enough.

What to look out for..... fuel pump, angle gear, rear driveshaft, heater core, Evap core, radiator, timing belt/w/p, breather systems, spring seats and front struts some had nivomats in the rear, dash mount cracking, all the door lock modules, master window switch hood and hatch struts, hatch panels and clips, a/c compressor reshim and yes the abs module.

The ABS module is an easy fix with a Dremel and cutting wheel to open the box and about 5 minutes of soldering.

Not to be a downer but in retrospect the 70s were not the least expensive Volvo to own. A better choice than a 99-00 S80 T6 or early XC90 but maybe not by much.
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