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^ +1

If you get a puff of blue smoke when you first start the car, or take off from a stop sign, that's valve guide seals. It's a big job but it can be done without taking the head fully off. You need a valve spring compressor. See: If the car hasn't had them done yet, plan on doing it. I agree, around 200k is when they usually need to be done.

If you get blue smoke all the time, at idle, especially when the engine's cold, that's rings. Compression test will verify.

If you don't get a lot of blue smoke at a cold startup, but you do get a lot of it when you stomp on the gas and get get the turbo spun up, then that's likely a turbo issue.

If you get white smoke (steam), that's coolant, could be a blown headgasket or bad turbo.

If you get black smoke (unburnt fuel), especially when you stomp on the gas, that's bad fuel injectors, a vacuum leak, or a problem with the computer's settings, o2 sensor etc. Check engine light may or may not be triggered by a rich state, depending on how rich it is. Pretty common on these cars, one bad vacuum line will get you some major black smoke when you stomp on the gas.

Thanks, after posting this I did a little searching (should have done that before posing the question) and believe my case is the seals, symptoms are similar. Only smokes on idle or coming off the line after it is warm. I will also do the PCV checks.

OP - thanks for letting me derail for a moment... carry on.
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