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I have Style 5's on my 245 (16 x 8, ET20), with 225/50R16 tires. The car is lowered on iPD springs, so not nearly as much as some of the other examples being presented here (namely Homer and Harlard's cars).

I ordered hub-centric spacers, 25mm for the back and 19mm for the front. I had to trim my rear fender lips pretty aggressively and they *still* rubbed badly around corners until I got adjustable torque rods. They don't rub now, but with the stock lower control arms, my pinion angle is off enough that I get a slight shudder from my driveshaft above 65mph.

The wheels are visibly behind the center of the wheel arch when viewed from the side, so shortening them by 15mm would help both the look and give me enough room to get my pinion angle dialed in, I just need to get my ***t together and get it done.
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