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This one tends to do well unless it corrodes. Or the waterproof bullet connectors on the harness fall apart. But you can pop it open and clean it up like most other relays in the car. The silicone on the bottom of the relay fails and water gets in.
If you do replace it with a generic relay, make sure to get a waterproof relay socket for the same reason. But the specific RSR is very cheap new, if you can't save it by reflowing or cleaning it. And the harness connector is fixable with parts as common as (and cheaper than) waterproof relay sockets.
The harness side connectors can be replaced with generic 3.5mm waterproof female bullet terminals, if you don't feel like buying the correct pigtails. They won't be a perfect fit with the plastic retainer but won't interfere with it. And it will still be water resistant. If the wires aren't damaged below the terminals, you might be able to avoid using butt splices.
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WARNING: I am not a professional mechanic, and you should only base your repair decisions on my advice if I'm not corrected by someone who has worked on more than a few Volvos.
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