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Originally Posted by klr142 View Post

Well, pistons are much more complicated than just yanking the head off for a skim and blend the edge of the chamber so it's not sharp(with at least a 0.5mm bevel preferred). But yes, turning up the boost is the easiest way as long as you're able to deal with the heat and fuel requirements. A thinner headgasket is the best/easiet option, but you will want to have the head resurfaced anyway so you might as well take some off.
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The reality is, skimming is minor compared to what the Swedes and Norwegians do.
Here is a Norwegian thread about porting the 530 with bigger valves.
I'm pretty sure somewhere in this one is a guy relocated the head 3 mm to the exhaust side to fit bigger valves.!/page8
You can google translate it, or just scroll through the pictures.
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