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Originally Posted by Old Iron View Post
Dang, whats the address, I am shipping you a valve cover for you do do for me! Look forward to more from this thread!
Maybe if I get bored I'll use the extra paint on a spare 530 valve cover. If I do, I'll shoot you a PM.

Originally Posted by 2fast242gt View Post
where did the car get flash rust? engine bay? i have some ooolldd pictures of this car and I when i was like 17, so I may photobomb this thread sometime. if you need help anytime or just want to hang out let me know! id love to help.
Yeah, just a tiny bit in the engine bay which was to be expected. I will be finishing up the rest of the engine bay prep and priming tomorrow. I would definitely appreciate some help when it gets to be time to drop the engine in the car, but that will be a little while yet. I'll probably be working on it pretty much every weekend, with a little tinkering on weeknights. Stop on over!

I've been ordering so much stuff for this lately. Lots of little stuff, but quite a steady stream. Excited to get everything in!
-Tom 1980 242 T5

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