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Sorry for possible off-topic, but is it not (economically) possible to make a mod to alter the maps with EZ-117K/118K (117 with a vacuum sensor)
It will take some explaining, but to keep it short:

The EZ117K does not use a normal chip to store the data and maps. It stores it in the processor. You can however add an external EPROM, but then you also need to know what the internal software layout looks like.

There are two types of EZ117K (if we are talking LH2.2 here). One that can be read, and one that can't be read. One with a CPU from Motorola, and one from Intel. A map for one of them won't work with the other one (I think).

And to add an EPROM to the EZ117K is not very hard (just one step harder than putting a chip socket and components in an LH2.2 ECU), but it involves a lot of other work first.

We have maps, but not an easy way to use them in customers cars. Most people choose to go to LH2.4 or aftermarket EMS instead of using that old system.
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