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Great updates Jack, love everything youíre doing here. What is the large red square piece you got back from powder coat?
thank you. It's becoming a car I enjoy the most working on

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I'm guessing it's a tool box drawer.
Originally Posted by 122power View Post
Tool box
thats it. some drawers for my old SnapOn box

So I been getting a massive exhaust smell in my cabin. I thought the main cause of it was manifold to exhaust flange - I could never get it to stay tight

I got an old IPD thick walled header and a rally sports exhaust muffler.

removed rust using electrolysis

The 3 bolt flage sucks so I got a Vband kit from summit

high temp paint with new flange

2.5 to 2 inch reducer

covered with exhaust wrap

Turns out old maifold broke

got it all installed tonight but I didnt get a flex joint to connect between reducer and existing exhaust so I just made (very poorly) an old pipe work. Leaks like I knew it would. Going to an exhaust shop on Monday.
I also broke cylinder #4 exhaust stud. I;ll be replacing that in the next day or so also
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I love you even more Jack.
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Donít bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.
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I expect nothing less from an incel like you, Jack.
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