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I certainly was not trying to say to move the axle, but the axle moves itself backwards when the car is lowered, which makes wider tires more difficult. This is a well known fact. So putting it back where it is supposed to be, in the center of the arch, is not a bad idea. Having said that, it probably does not affect your fitment, but do the math, check the link below.

An offset of 20mm on a 32mm spacer gives you -12mm. A 25mm adapter is probably a much better choice, at an offset of 5mm. That should get the job done.

My offset is about 6mm, 245/40-17 and it just barely rubs inside as well as hitting the outer fender over hard bumps (brand new lowering springs and Bilsteins) as well as a trimmed fender lip. If the axle was centered I would have no problems.

I find this helpful. It shows you what it will look like as well as the changes in the space it occupies.
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