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Originally Posted by Old Iron View Post
This will be a cool project! What's wrong with the wagon.
Rust and just a generally haggard shell.

Originally Posted by smith_t240 View Post
Great angle in the pics. Keep that hood up and fender off, haha.

Let me know when you need a hand with the engine and stuff!

Also, what happened to 50 shades of grey as the thread title?
Yeah, that just reminded me to order paint. Thanks for your help with the initial work in getting the car. I'll let you know when I'm thinking it's time for the engine to go in--probably a couple weekends from now. 50 shades of grey was swept under the rug after I decided to make paint a higher priority.

Anyways, cleaned up and painted the valve cover. This was in this car the last time it had a 8v redblock in it. Brian modified it to work with a 530 head years ago.

I took Redwood Chair's advice and ordered SprayMax 2k primer and clear coat. I used the POR Prep & Ready to take care of some flash rust that showed up in the past couple days. I'll reapply it to prep before priming.

I used the clear coat on the GT grille and headlight surrounds after repainting them black just now. That stuff is pretty great.

Tomorrow I'll finish prepping the engine bay, and then lay down the SprayMax 2K epoxy primer.
-Tom 1980 242 T5

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