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Originally Posted by 2fast242gt View Post
Awsome! Did you score a new grill? Or did you paint my old one? Looks very nice I like the progress.
Same old grille, just cleaned up and painted

Originally Posted by smith_t240 View Post
The foundation to greatness.

Great progress on stripping the bay and getting some stuff painted. Should we do a double header engine swap weekend? I am finally getting what I need for the new longblock.
Thanks. Double header sounds rough... but yeah, let's get cranking. The whole non-running car thing is lame.

Originally Posted by volvobrage View Post
Really nice job!Keep on going!

The rust/crash fix on the driver side doesnt look so nice, planning on changing that while your at it?
Thanks! I would like to change it, just trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Some day I will have to buy a welder and learn to use it.
-Tom 1980 242 T5
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