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Default 1989 244 DD Sortaproject

Well I'm back. After selling my blue +T 245, I really hadn't thought about getting back in a 240 on a daily basis. We have the '05 T5 V70 that I've been driving, and my wife was in an '02 BMW 530i.

That was fine up until about a couple months ago when the BMW started being a BMW. A number of relatively expensive failures in a short amount of time led me to fix what I knew was wrong and get rid of it. In the meantime, I've been driving my old '91 Mazda pickup around town, and we just take the V70 when we need to make a longer trip with the kiddo.

I was thinking about what to do for a second car after getting rid of the BMW, and although something new(ish) is an option, I really can't find anything I really like that's worth getting a loan for. While riding to work in the truck, I had a little epiphany that I drive 14-16 miles a day, almost exclusively in town. I don't need something new or even super nice. I just need a 240.

As luck would have it, I was out riding on one of my favorite local roads and stopped to snap a picture of a little creek and bridge. Walking back up, I notice a 244 sitting behind a house, and then I realize I knew the car!

It belonged to a guy I had known previously, and I actually put a fair amount of work into the car 5-6 years ago...water pump, oil seals, timing belt, plugs, ignition, etc.

The last thing I did on the car was replace the had a pink 561 in it that died, so I put a white 951 in it.

Apparently it stopped running a couple years ago and he parked it. He lost my number, and didn't know where to take it in town, so it just sat.

He thought the ECU died again, but I'm not so sure. Loaded it onto a rollback and once I got it to the house, I dug into it a little bit.

Can't make either fuel pump run by jumping fuses or the relay (the relay was REALLY crusty inside, I suspect that's the reason it died), so first order of business is to put a new main and in-tank pump in it. The 25A fuse under the hood is good. It's been sitting with ethanol gas in it for about 2 years, so they're probably just varnished up. I have both on the shelf, so might as well do both at once.

It's got some actually kinda cool mesh wheels on it now. They're 15s that he ordered from tire rack many moons ago. They're coming off in favor of a set of GTAs that I sold to a friend awhile back, and just bought back.

Figure I'll cut the springs on it for now and let it ride until I decide what to do suspension wise. I think the best option might be to build a set of compliant coilovers with soft-ish springs and decent, but not super fancy inserts.

Anyway, I'll get it running first and go from there. And since this thread is worthless without pics...

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Jb welding tiny pieces of a fuse to the injectors seems to have worked perfectly
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i improved my life by just getting rid of my 940
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