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Originally Posted by Fred Gwynne View Post
I apologize for what seemed, to you and possibly others, to be my attempt to threadjack. I had assumed that my questions were directly related to the title of this thread but apparently they are not.
You're fine. Thread derailment is par for the course here.

Originally Posted by Fred Gwynne View Post
I have a few real beginner questions for you folks. Is there a difference between shaving, skimming and decking? Is one for the head while the other is for the block?

Also, if you remove material from the head that means that the valves will now be closer to each piston. If you use a high lift cam such as a "k" cam then the valves may collide with the pistons if too much metal is taken off of the head. Is that correct?

What exactly does shimming mean? Are the valves or is the cam shimmed? Is the idea there to keep the valves from hitting the piston?

Thanks for your help.

"Deck" usually refers to material being machined from the block deck, but it also get's thrown around when talking about machining a head to reduce the chamber volume or to clean it up.

"Shaving" refers to just the head.

Running an aftermarket camshaft will usually result in the engine becoming an interference engine. A large percentage of engines are interference by design, I don't worry about it at all.

"Shimming" is setting the valve clearance using valve shims.
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