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Default LH2.4 to MS2 [MAF based]

So... I decided that switching to a MS2 in my daily driver is a great idea that shouldn't be too difficult and couldn't possibly go wrong.

The setup is going to be a B230F which running on both petrol and LPG. (dual fuel, altough not at the same time) Table switching will be very nice in this case so i can use a different AFR and ignition table for LPG which should give more performance and better fuel economy than just running it with a petrol tune. (especially with a turbo that will added later on)

The idea is to put the MS2 in a LH2.4 housing so it is relatively plug&play and i can switch back to the LH system if i want to. Once the MS2 is dialed in and i'm satisfied with the tune i can start to install it more permanently and add things like a TPS and IAT and continue the +T swap.

At first i'm going to use all the stock sensors, including the stock MAF sensor. Only a MAP sensor and a wideband will be added. The fueling will be MAF based, the ignition and acceleration enrichment will be MAP based. So it's going to be a MAF/MAP mix tune which will hopefully give a nice adaptive tune that will be great for daily driving. No VE table will be neccessary. (bigger picture)

The ECU is an EFIgnition46 unit which is a Dutch high quality MS2 clone. I created a little daughterboard to help the ECU with the system relais switching, table switching (based on the LPG solenoids opening/closing) and the burn-off procedure for the MAF sensor. There is also an additional connector for the extra sensors and such later on. (just a standard atx 24pin)

I'm still waiting for the 14point7 wideband and the ECU connector. Once i've got them i can wire it all up and try it out. In the meanwhile i'll be trying to make a base tune and figure out all the options that MS2 has.
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