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Default 240 ABS and tone ring usability

Some 7-8 years ago in my younger and dumber days I removed abs thinking it was cool to not have it. (car is a 93 factory abs. G80 locker) Im working on gathering the rest of the parts needed to stick a C4 rear end in the wagon in the following months or year or at some point and the rear end casing/dana 36 does not have a tone ring like the 240 casing has. ABS will go in at the same time as the swap.

Question is, does the abs care how many teeth are missing in the tone ring to see slippage? I'll be running speedo signal from the VSS signal from the LS computer into a Dakota Digital converter box. Just need to know if anyone has any bit of info. If the abs doesn't care then I can stick a toothed ring on the driveshaft.

93 245 LS Engine Swap Project
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