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Fighting a bit to get the car driveable. Got some good interior work done this weekend, but I drove it ~10 miles to get gas on Saturday and it's running like ****.

Been extremely difficult to cold start since all of the work done this year, and once I drove it I realized my idle and cruise AFR's were extremely rich, I was seeing in the 9:1 range off throttle downhill. Idling in the 10's, albeit smoothly and consistently. As soon as you give it a bit of throttle it swings lean and pegs the wideband at 16:1 (max lean reading on the NGK). With a little positive pressure things come down to more normal levels, but lean back out to the point I wasn't comfortable putting too much into it. Almost as if it's working backwards, too much fuel off throttle, pulls all the fuel when I need it. I tried to get it started yesterday and couldn't even get it to fire, plugs were wet so I'll put a new set of plugs in it before I try to run it again.

Since it's still a 'black box' to me, I tend to get hand-wringy about the ECU stuff. I sent logs off to Kenny and he had the same thoughts we were having in the garage yesterday - something off with the fuel pressure? I had the regulator apart to mod it for the -6 fitting, so there's potential for things to have changed. I know it went back together correctly, and I'm seeing no fuel out of the vaccuum port, so there's no obvious signs that it would be behaving like this. It has a gauge on the regulator body, so I can check base pressure, but I can't see what's happening when I'm driving the car.

Plan is to get a new set of plugs from eeuro on my way home today, and see if I can verify a base pressure reading under extended cranking (assuming I can't get it started). Beyond that, I guess I'd need to run it and get a gauge somewhere where I can watch it while driving.

If it's not the regulator I'm at a loss for mechanical issues. At this point I HOPE to find the regulator bad, so I can just get a new one ordered and look forward to getting things running. Fingers crossed!
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