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Originally Posted by gsellstr View Post
I think I have the part number around for my DeRale as well, 1500/2200cfm 2-speed with a shroud that fit the stock radiator really nice. With that I rarely see it come on unless it's in traffic, and even then low was enough, at 90* ambient. Granted I've only driven it a half dozen times since install, but watching water temps it did really well. lol
The derale/flex-a-lite shrouded fans are great. I have a ~3k cfm one on the v8 drift car, it almost never boils over. Itíll usually sit at 210-220 while it bounces off the rev limiter for 6 hours straight.

If you look at all the race cars that use Spal fans, the fan is usually 6+ inches from the core and with a fully sealed shroud. Just mounting one to the back of the rad doesnít do much.
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