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Originally Posted by joel142 View Post
Given the caveat that I've yet to run hot coolant through it I just put a reverse Scirocco radiator into my 142 with B230FT conversion.

I was able to get it far enough forward that the back of the new radiator fell about where the front of the old one was. I did need to notch out the top sheet metal cover to fit the cap. After there's some kind of compliant bumper on the bottom ears, everything just clears the hood. I still need to find a spot for the overflow tank and I could put a little sheet metal in to better seal things up. I'll try and get some pictures if anyone is interested.

Since the water pump is off center I also used that to sneak in a slightly deeper fan.

Griffin Radiator I used

In round one of the conversion I used the stock radiator and a mechanical fan and that seemed to keep the temperatures under control but I also timed driving it so I never needed to sit in bumper to bumper traffic on a hot day. The fan cleared in front by about 1/8" and the alternator belt by ~1/8". It's nice to go back and look at some of these decisions.
I'm definitely interested in seeing photos. I hadn't really thought about hood clearance being an issue, but if I'm moving it forward, the hood will be lower at that point. I did just make the executive decision to cut off the stock radiator supports. This gives me freedom to put stuff wherever I want, and I'll probably end up making a tubular radiator/intercooler support of some kind.

I see everyone's points about shrouding both in front of and behind the radiator.
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