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AFAIK the pertronix doesn't do any curving at all, it's just got the sensor attached to the plate in the distributor, and all the pertinent vacuum/centrifugal advance/retard comes from the distributor itself.

Pertronix just uses one kind of sensor (Hall?), Crane uses an optical sensor. Dunno which one is more reliable, they're probably both soe much better than points-n-condenser that it's not worth splitting hairs over.

I can say that I bought my Crane system used on eBay. It's actually so old it says 'Allison' on it. It's been on the PV's motor for 20 years and 65K miles (more or less) - with never an issue.

The MSD6a and Blaster 2 coil did burn a hole in my rotor once, that part might be wretched overkill, too much zap. But with the 6A in play (it's quite easy to bypass) it starts noticeably better when cold, has a slight but noticeable bit more pep and throttle response ant low/medium RPMs.
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