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I worked on it for once! The 1979 battery cable gave up the ghost so I did a new power cable for it, it seems happier now at wot. The gremlin is as done as I can get it without a lift to do the traction bars. I picked up a 2jz ge out of a wrecked gs300 at the junkyard, I don't know what I'm going to use it in but I always wanted one to mess with so I've been plugging away at that. Got some reground cams, springs and some eBay goodies for it and am planning on running it on the stand. Other then that all is well with all the projects. Mostly have been spending time on 2 lt5 swaps we got going on at my dad's shop which has been alot of fun.
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Thank you very much everybody... i now feel sufficiently retarded and will go cry in the corner...
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