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The 740 somehow passed the MOT at the start of July despite a seized strut top bearing. They must have liked the car. I had to buy new strut top/camber adjustment assemblies to suit the BC coilovers. (Went with TXR motorsport) Those took over two weeks to arrive. I couldn't do much driving until that was sorted.

It's great fun to drive. The only real problems that were immediately apparent are that the viscous fan is worn out, and the propshaft centre carrier needs replaced. The movement in the carrier has been amplified by everything else being so solid. (Stiff engine mounts and heim joints on rear axle)

I cleverly arranged two track days right next to each other - 3rd and 4th of August. It turned out I was right to be worried about this because a heater hose burst open on the first track day. It was a fairly easy fix with some silicone hose, but I want to order the correct part. Then on the second track day, I was having further issues with the cooling system. The worn out fan being one issue. At first we were worried that the engine was pushing exhaust gas into the system, since coolant was pushing out of the cap on the reservoir. With further trials, it looks like it's just a bad seal on the cap.

The power steering can't handle more than a couple mins of hard driving. Not only that but it started running on three cylinders at the end of the day. We couldn't see anything wrong on the ignition side. It quickly cleared up when I started driving home, but the underlying problem definitely hasn't gone away.

I still got plenty of time on the track. Here's some footage:

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