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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
On my 5.0 244 I use:
Bilstein HD struts in the front with 250 lb/in springs, 12 long. Im also using BNE Select top mounts and KL Racing extended control arms.
Rear are cut down wagon overload springs (Moog CC217... I think), and Gabriel Ultra rear shocks.
Front bar is ~28mm, no rear bar.
Front toe is set at 0
Camber is -2.5 to -3 most days
Caster is 7deg
Start there, but if youre worried about money forget the control arms. If you want to keep the stock front bar, use 300# front springs. And since 28mm is huuuge and heavy, look for a 25mm or a turbo front bar (22-23mm) used.
A stock wagon rear bar can help balance things. I prefer more rear spring Than an overload, but i dont have a v8.
IF you plan on drag racing, a big rear bar will help keep the right rear down. If corners are more Your style, more spring less bar in rear.
Also, a lower chassis brace helps a lot.
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